Flask/Vessel with lid
Probably for perfume
Mughal or Deccan, India
17th Century
Rock crystal, rubies, emeralds and gold.
Height: 10cm
Round: 19cm

Carved from rock crystal; inlaid with gold in kundan technique and set with rubies and emeralds.
This exquisite object is closely related to a small and rare group of similar objects fashioned from rock crystal, encrusted with delicate arabesques in gold and set with precious stones.
The lid along with a neck mount is fabricated from gold.
The lid is in the form of a stylised closed chrysanthemum or perhaps an artichoke flower. The chrysanthemum is known to be used as a Mughal motif and the artichoke flower very visible in the arts of the Deccan.
The gold neck mount is edged with a continuous border of delicate floral motifs. The lid contains lac around which the gold is structured. The use of lac in Indian jewelled arts is well known and chronicled as a technique unique to India.

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